Here Are Some Easy Ways You Can Help Promote the Passage of Issue 1

The Citizens Committee for the Library Levy Renewal is active on many fronts in an effort to inform voters about the importance the Library Levy renewal (Issue 1).

In addition to creating this website, we’ve established a presence on social media, and Library representatives have been speaking to local civic groups and other organizations.

Here are some steps you can take to help with this effort:

  • Talk to your family and friends about Issue 1. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to questions you’re most likely to hear.
  • Visit the Levy Renewal Committee’s Facebook page. Like the page, and share it with your friends.
  • Visit any of the Library’s 15 branches and pick up an “I Love My Library” yard sign.
  • Attend the “Brews for Books” benefit On October 17 at the Whistle & Keg in downtown Youngstown, and tell your friends about it.
  • Volunteer with the Citizens Committee for the Library Levy Renewal. There are many ways you can help!
  • Donate to the Citizens Committee for the Library Levy Renewal. You can donate online, or mail a check.
  • Most importantly, VOTE YES on Issue 1 in the November 5 General Election!

Library Levy Thank You