About the Library

The Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County has been a bright spot in our community for over one hundred years. The Library is a free, open and equal-opportunity public space where all are welcome — from infancy through old age…rich or poor…regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

About This Ballot Issue

The previous levy is expiring. This local funding provides more than 50% of operating costs. The Library must mount a levy campaign to cover these operating costs, or lose all it has gained so far and hopes to gain in the future.

A “Yes” vote will renew the levy.

About the Library’s Outstanding Service

The Library CONNECTS you with experts, thought leaders and your neighbors…INSPIRES you to learn, to imagine and to create…and ENRICHES you with knowledge, with ideas and with unlimited possibilities.

Thousands of county residents use one of the Library’s 15 locations every day. Thousands more visit online. The Library prepares children for success in school.

In the last few years, the Library has embraced and expanded innovative services and technology that broadens its reach and provides greater access to more materials and services than ever before.

Programs (such as the Pop-Up Library) that provide services at locations outside of library buildings; streaming movies, TV shows and music; downloadable magazines; and even 3-D printing…all have made a big impact. Still more new concepts are planned.

About the Library’s Financial Management

The Library stays efficient with good management and dedicated workers. Even with budget reductions, it is serving more people than ever. While the Library has opened new branches, it has remained debt-free, and continues to be a good steward of your tax dollars.


Download the “Top 10 Reasons to Love Your Library” flyer

Library Levy Thank You