Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County with regard to levy issues.

Q. Why is this levy appearing on the November 2019 ballot?
A. This levy was passed five years ago and had a limited term. In order for it to continue, it must be renewed by voters.

Q. Will passage of this levy add to my taxes?
A. No. This is a renewal of an existing levy at the same rate, 2.4 mills. Your taxes will not increase if this levy is passed.

Q. What does this levy cost homeowners in Mahoning County?
A. The levy costs Mahoning County homeowners just $6.86 per month for every $100,000 of real estate value. That’s $82.34 per year for a home valued at $100,000.

Q. Why is this levy important to the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County?
A. The Library relies on two sources of funding to operate the countywide system of 15 libraries, plus associated services. One source is State of Ohio funding, which has fluctuated and eroded over time. The second is the local library levy, which has grown in importance and accounts for over 50% of the Library’s operating revenue.

Q. What portion of the Library’s total income comes from this continuing levy?
A. In 2018, levy proceeds were $9.8 million, or 51.8% of the Library’s $18.9 million in receipts. The state of Ohio Public Library Fund (PLF) provides $8.4 million, or 44% of receipts.

Q. What happens if this levy passes?
A. The Library will be able to continue operations at their current level, with the hours and services you’ve come to expect.

Q. What happens if this levy fails?
A. Without this levy, the Library will lose half of its income and would be forced to make cuts affecting hours of service, programs and locations.


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